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2017 Education Division Award in Research

Two (2) awards of $250 each will be made available each academic year to students in education majors and education-related fields. Dual and double...



CUR is pleased to announce that the Education division was established at the 2015 Annual Business Meeting. This division is charged with providing national and professional leadership in developing undergraduate research in the areas of Teaching and Learning, the Learning Sciences, Teacher Education and related disciplines (e.g. Speech Pathology, School Counseling, and Educational Leadership).
Specifically, the division plans to:
  • Isolate, articulate and address the issues and challenges that facilitate and/or inhibit the adoption of Undergraduate Research into the complex activities of teaching and learning within educational units and institutions, particularly with regard to teacher preparation and induction.
  •  Bring together the critical mass of educators who can facilitate the inclusion of high-impact learning experiences, specifically undergraduate research, into curricula through practices and models of undergraduate research that are unique to educational institutions, teacher education-related programs and associated fields and professions. 
  •  Advocate and provide leadership for networks/communities of educators to support the full adoption of undergraduate research in educational institutions.
  •  Bring together the critical mass needed to address the need for sustained system-wide student-centric pedagogical practices in Education and education related practices. Create a cohesive community of academics best prepared to engage granting agencies with goals to affect prospective educators and their respective community of practice.
To become a member, please visit https://members.cur.org/members_online/members/newmember.asp, and be sure to select Education as your divisional affiliation.
Instructions for current members to change your divisional affiliation: Please visit https://members.cur.org/members_online/members/viewmember.asp and update your profile.  The Division listing is in step 2. Please note you will need your login information. Should you need a reminder of this information please visit https://members.cur.org/members_online/members/password.asp.
Please consider sharing this information with colleagues that might be interested in the Education division.
In addition to seeking new members, the division will be calling for nominations for Councilors in the coming weeks.  Councilors are involved in the development of CUR at the divisional and organizational levels. They design and coordinate programs, including workshops, meetings and information resources.
This is a unique opportunity to meet and work with other people who share your commitment to undergraduate research and to help CUR and our disciplines increase the awareness and activities associated with undergraduate research in education.
Please join us as we work to establish this new division.

Dennis Munk                           Ruth Palmer

Carthage College                    The College of New Jersey