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2018 CUR Governance Elections

Nominations Vetting Committee Election

In October 2017, members of the General Council will vote to determine the individual that will serve a three-year term ending in June 2020. 
Given CUR's commitment to diversity, we encourage consideration of individual, disciplinary, and institutional diversity on the Nominations Vetting Committee in order to bring a broad perspective to review officer candidates. Current members of the Nominations Vetting Committee can be found on the CUR web site.
Click here to view the candidate statements.
Members of the current General Council - including elected councilors and emeritus presidents in good standing may vote now by accessing the online ballot.

Councilor Elections

The Council on Undergraduate Research needs interested members to nominate themselves or others to serve as CUR Councilors. Councilors are involved in the development of CUR at the divisional and organizational levels. They design and coordinate programs, including workshops, meetings and information resources. This is a unique opportunity to meet and work with other people who share your commitment to undergraduate research and to help CUR increase its influence.
Each nominee must complete the form by November 6, 2017. Nominees must be current members at the time they submit their nomination. To nominate another individual, please share this information with them, as they are required to confirm their membership, update their membership profile, and complete the nomination form themselves.
Ballots are available from January 3-31, 2018.  Ballots will be sent by email and posted here in January 2018.
Should you have any questions, please contact your Nominations Committee Representative (contact information at the below link) or Robin Howard at robin@cur.org

Nominations Committee: http://www.cur.org/governance/committees/nominations_committee/ (link from the Governance Page of the CUR website)

Officer Elections


The CUR Nominations Committee will put forth a ballot for President-Elect, General Representative, and Treasurer by March 1, 2018.  All members of the General Council, which include elected Councilors and Emeritus Presidents in good standing, are eligible to vote and are asked to do so by April 1, 2018.

Call for nominations will open shortly.

Nominee biographical information will be posted here once available.

Link to Officer Ballot will be active in March 2018 - Note General Council access only.
Eligibility: Candidates for all positions must be members in good standing of CUR, and must remain so throughout their terms. In addition to attending the Annual Business Meeting each June, all officers are expected to attend Executive Board meetings just prior to the June business meeting and once in mid-winter, and to participate in multiple conference calls and other electronic communications throughout the year. The candidates may NOT be members of the Nominations Committee or the Nominations Vetting Committee.
Candidates for President-Elect should be CUR veterans with a firm understanding of, and experience with, the operation of the organization and the Council.  Candidates should be familiar with current Council business and should have served at least one three-year term as a Councilor, though two terms is preferable.  Candidates should have prior service as Division Chair, as an Officer on the Executive Board, or have had other leadership roles within CUR that have provided a broad perspective on the organization.  Well-developed public speaking ability is ideal, given the role the President may be asked to fulfill. President-Elect candidates should have support from their home institution for the time and effort required for events, regular meetings, conference calls, and other issues as they arise throughout their term as CUR President.  The successful candidate will serve as President-Elect in 2017-2018, President in 2018-2019, and Immediate Past President in 2019-2020, with terms starting and ending at the conclusion of the Annual Business Meeting.

Application materials include

  1. Abbreviated c.v. - no more than 10 pages that highlights professional accomplishments with respect to undergraduate research
  2. Please detail your experiences qualifying to serve as CUR President-elect.
  3. Please tell us about your vision and plans for CUR if you were elected
Candidates for General Representative must be current active members of CUR with a strong history of supporting and encouraging undergraduate research initiatives within their campus and/or the higher education community.  They should have support from their home institution/foundation/employer for the time and effort required to be an active member of the Executive Board including the two on-site Executive Board meetings each year as well as for the electronic and phone conference calls and in-between committee work assignments. The successful candidate will serve a three-year term from 2017-2020 beginning and ending at the conclusion of the Annual Business Meeting in those respective years.

Application materials should include:

  1. Abbreviated c.v - no more than two pages that highlights professional accomplishments with respect to undergraduate research
  2. Please detail your involvement with CUR over the past five years.
  3. Outside of CUR activities, what innovative student undergraduate research programming have you planned, worked on, or been a part of (one prominent example would be NCUR, the National Conference on Undergraduate Research)?  What was your role and how would you bring that experience to the Executive Board? 
Candidates for Treasurer must be experienced with reading and evaluating budgets (that will be prepared by the EO). Prior service on the CUR Finance Committee (or similar committees for other organizations) is preferred. The candidates also must be available throughout the year for conference calls with the Finance Committee and Executive Officer. The term for the new Treasurer starts at the conclusion of the 2015 Business Meeting and ends at the conclusion of the 2018 Business Meeting.

Application materials should include

  1. Abbreviated c.v. - no more than two pages that highlights professional accomplishments with respect to undergraduate research
  2. Please tell us why you are interested in serving CUR in this role.