Abstract-Sum17 CUR Quarterly: Award-Winning Mentors See Democratization as the Future of Undergraduate Research

Keywords: mentoring nontraditional students underrepresented students undergraduate research in the curriculum

Author: Jenny Olin Shanahan; Helen Walkington; Elizabeth Ackley; Eric E. Hall; Kearsley A. Stewart
Institution: Bridgewater State Univ; Oxford Brookes Univ; Roanoke College; Elon University; Duke University
Issue and Volume: Summer 2017; Volume 37; Number 4

Description: The authors embarked on a study to determine what is on the horizon for undergraduate research (UR) for the future.They reviewed the literature to identify current trends and asked 33 faculty recipients of awards for UR commitment and expertise about their perceptions of UR in the next 5-10 years. Results suggest that the next decade may bring more democratization of UR such as greater access to research
opportunities for undergraduates from historically underserved groups.