Undergraduate Research in Scotland: An Enhancement-led Approach

Keywords: International; United Kingdom; Scotland; Collaboration; Enhancement; Quality

Author: Ray Land
Institution: Durham University; United Kingdom
Issue and Volume: Summer 2013, Volume 33, Issue 4

Description: Scottish higher education increasingly finds itself, as do sectors
elsewhere, having to cope with the complexities of a globalized
and uncertain world. This manifests itself in the speed
of knowledge generation and transfer, as well as the speed of
digital communication. The seemingly ubiquitous intensification
of risk, in relation to environment, health, security,
finance and technology has only been exacerbated by the
onset of economic austerity. At the same time, the pressing
scientific, social, and economic problems of our times—climate
change, sustainability, security, international debt crises,
public health, aging populations—require graduates with
appropriate attributes to cope effectively and imaginatively in
such environments.