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Posters on the Hill - Information for Submission

Questions about your Posters on the Hill application?  Please email: Mary Pat Twomey, mptwomey AT cur.org.

Please note: Either the institution or the advisor must have a membership prior to submission to be considered.

1) Contact Information for lead student presenter
a. Full Name
b. Email
c. Phone
d. Voting Address
e. Institution
f. Please note, this individual should be designated as the Primary Contact, and a Presenter on the application.

2) Contact Information for additional student presenters
a. Full Name
b. Email
c. Phone
d. Voting Address
e. Institution
f. Please note, these individuals should be designated as a Presenter on the application.

3) Contact Information for advisors
a. Full Name
b. Title
c. Email
d. Phone
e. Address
f. Institution
g. Department
h. Please note, these individuals should be designated as an Advisor on the application.

4) Applicant Questions for each Student Presenter:
a. Home institution
b. Year in school
c. Does student live on campus?
d. Voting address
e. Narrative summary of Resume/CV (limit 250 words)
f. Narrative statement of Personal/Career Aspirations (limit 250 words)

5) Congressional District:
a. Congressional District for each student and advisor, for both institution and home addresses. If
you do not know this, please reference this website: https://writerep.house.gov/writerep/welcome.shtml

6) Title of Poster

7) Abstract (limit 250 words) Students are advised that they must submit an abstract that is written for an educated person with no experience in their field of study. The abstract should be written by the student under the guidance of the faculty mentor. Abstracts will appear as submitted in the program, and brand names may not be used.

8) Division for Review (Select: Arts and Humanities, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geosciences, Health Sciences, Mathematics/Computer Science, Physics/Astronomy, Psychology, and Social Sciences)

9) Institution where research was performed (including address and congressional district)

10) Contact Information for sponsors (program officers or other representative of funding agency that you wish to have invited to the event) **Optional
a. Sponsoring Organization
b. Program Officer
c. Email

11) Contact Information for government relations officer
a. Name
b. Email

12) Letter of recommendation written by advisor, on institutional letterhead, saved as pdf or word document.
(.docx is not supported)

Have a question about your submission?  Please check out list of frequently asked questions.