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Call for Proposals: Developing Undergraduate Research at Community Colleges

“Developing Undergraduate Research at Community Colleges:
Tapping the Potential of All Students”
Award No. 0920083
Call for Proposals
Developing Undergraduate Research at Community Colleges
May 17-18, 2013
North Hennepin Community College
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Through funding from the National Science Foundation’s Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement (NSF-CCLI) program, the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) and the National Council of Instructional Administrators (NCIA) has conducted a series of workshops for community colleges considering or just beginning undergraduate research programs. During the past two years, 100 community colleges have participated in campus workshops designed with the specific needs and characteristics of community colleges such as a mission that emphasizes teaching over research, five course teaching loads, commuter students who may have full-time jobs and families, and the career preparation and transfer needs of students. As a concluding event in the grant, we are pleased to host a conference and seek presentations from workshop participants and other community college colleagues regarding efforts to develop undergraduate research experiences for community college students. 
The conference program committee invites proposals for presentations on engaging community college students in research experiences and posters highlighting student research projects. Presentations of undergraduate research experiences should report on the experiences of individual faculty, departments or programs, or institutions towards developing undergraduate research experiences for community college students. Poster sessions exhibit the research or research experiences with a mixture of brief narrative, pictures, tables, graphs, and/or data.
The Program Committee asks individuals to submit no more than two proposals per person in order to provide opportunities for broad based participation as conference presenters.
Proposals should be received by Wednesday, January 9, 2013. All submissions must be sent electronically to Diane Gronewold at dgronewold1@unl.edu as MSWord documents. Receipt will be acknowledged by email. Each proposal will go through a blind-review and the principal contact person will be notified of acceptance or rejection via e-mail by the end of January 2013. All presenters with accepted proposals are expected to attend, register and pay registration fees for the conference, which will be held at North Hennepin Community College in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area May 17-18, 2013.
Proposal for a Presentation
Developing Undergraduate Research at Community Colleges
May 17-18, 2013
North Hennepin Community College
Brooklyn Park, MN
        I.            Presenter Information
To facilitate blind review, the first page of the proposal document should include only the presenters’ information and should be the only location on the document that identifies the presenters. Provide the following: (a) names, (b) titles, (c) organizational affiliation of all proposers. Only the principal contact person should provide an address, telephone and email. (The principal contact must be a presenter.)
    II.            Title of Presentation
Provide a title that clearly reflects the content of your session.
 III.            Presentation Format
Indicate the type of proposal—presentation or poster. (See following page for details.)
 IV.            Presentation Description (abstract)
Provide an abstract of 50 to 75 words that could be used in the conference program to tell attendees succinctly, persuasively, and accurately what to expect in your session.
    V.            Planned Content and Activities
Provide a brief description of the content and, for Presentations, the format/methods of the proposed session. Maximum length for proposals is three, single-spaced pages (excluding references); 12 point font maximum.
Presenters’ Costs:
All presenters and co-presenters are required to register for the conference and pay the appropriate registration fee. The registration fee for the conference will be $50.
Presenters will be responsible for bringing their own laptops. Projectors will be provided.
Email Proposals toDiane Gronewold at dgronewold1@unl.edu
Deadline for submissions – Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Types of Presentations
Presentations. Presentations of undergraduate research programs will be organized into concurrent sessions to allow participants to learn about the experiences of individual faculty, departments or programs, or institutions in developing undergraduate research for community college students.
Proposals for presentations should include the background behind the initiative, the challenges/issues faced in developing the initiative, how these challenges/issues were addressed, lessons learned, assessment/outcomes, and future plans. We welcome presentations on initiatives of individual faculty members, departments or programs, partnerships with industry or four-year institutions, or institution-wide programs. The undergraduate research programs may be in the implementation stage, but we would encourage programs under development to be submitted in the poster category.
Selected presentation proposals will be invited to expand their work into chapters that will be included in a CUR publication on undergraduate research in community colleges.
PostersPosters should be designed to stimulate active discussion among conference participants about a research project or research program that is in development or recently completed. Presenters will display their research/program as posters and will also be present at the assigned time to discuss the research/program with conference participants. Presenters should also supply conference attendees with handouts that provide a detailed summary of the research project or program.
Poster session proposals should provide a clear statement of the purpose of the research or program, a brief summary of the conceptual foundation for the research/program, a description of the research methodology or program structure, findings (if applicable), and the significance and implications of the research or program.
For further information about submitting a proposal contact:
Brent Cejda (bcejda2@unl.edu) or Nancy Hensel (nhensel@newamericancolleges.org)

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