Math/CS Division 2018 Faculty Mentoring Awards

CUR Mathematics and Computer Science Division
2018 Faculty Mentoring Awards Information

The Mathematics and Computer Science Division of CUR announces three awards to honor mathematics, statistics, and computer science mentors for their success in mentoring undergraduate students in research. Faculty members mentoring interdisciplinary projects are encouraged to apply as long as those projects involve a major mathematics, statistics, or computer science component.

Typically, one award will be made in each of the three categories below, but in the case of exceptional applications, more than one of the awards may be given in the same category.

  • Early Career: Faculty who are 0-7 years past their PhD
  • Mid-Career: Faculty who are 7-15 years past their PhD
  • Advanced Career: Faculty who are 15 years past their PhD

By March 31, 2018, applicants should:
• complete a short, online cover sheet at

• send an email to Kathryn Leonard,, with all the application material attached (including a letter from a colleague and two letter from students). Use the email subject line "CUR Math/CS Faculty Award Application – Early Career," "CUR Math/CS Faculty Award Application – Mid-Career," or "CUR Math/CS Faculty Award Application – Advanced Career" depending on the award application.

Application materials
1. Applicant letter. The mentor will provide an explanation of cumulative mentoring activities involving undergraduate research students. The letter should clearly link to the Evaluation Criteria Sheet and should include a brief discussion of the applicant’s mentoring goals and/or philosophy (two-page limit).

2. Curriculum vitae. The CV should list only details relevant to applying for the award, including brief bio info for applicant (e.g., contact and education info), names of undergraduate students mentored, presentations and publications by these students, awards received, etc.; see Evaluation Criteria Sheet (two-page limit).

3. Letter from a colleague. A recommendation letter from a colleague of the applicant who can address the applicant’s mentoring of students in undergraduate research (two-page limit).

4. Letters from students. Two recommendation letters from students mentored by the applicant. One such letter must be from a student who was mentored by the applicant within the past five years (one-page limit for each letter).

Councilors from the CUR Mathematics and Computer Science Division will review the completed applications and determine the award winners. The winning mentors will be notified at the end of May and will receive a certificate and a cash award of $200. 

The Councilors look forward to reading the applications and learning about the experiences and successes of undergraduate researchers in mathematics and computer science.


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